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Social Committee

Social Committee  activities are not NHGSA managed.  They are a way for GSAs to connect outside the NHGSA framework. Unless otherwise designated, they are only open to GSAs and not spouses/friends. You are expected to pay for any costs associated with these outings.

Please join us for our next GSA social gathering at the Common Man in Concord NH. We’ll meet in the lounge at the top of the stairs (there is an elevator) and its up to you if you want to do lunch, snacks or neither. There’s the bar, comfy chairs and couches and tables.  It should be a nice relaxed atmosphere to mingle and meet or catch up with fellow GSAs.  The Common Man is also a great place to send guests who are looking for a nice meal on their way north.

I would like to note that we have been looking for an alternative to using Evite but have not been successful yet. In the meantime Evite seems to have settled down a bit so we’ll continue to use it (at least until the next ‘improvement’). 

We look forward to seeing everyone. If you have any questions or would like to be added to the invitation list, send an email to socialcommittee@nhgsa.com.

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