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11 Jul 2017 11:39 AM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

by GSA Sue Greenbaum

I was very fortunate to be included in a small group of Granite State Ambassadors who were award winners at the AMBIES, and we were invited to take a tour of Squam Lake this week, hosted by Cindy O'Leary of Experience Squam Private Boating Excursions.

I had never been on Squam Lake before, so I had no pre-launch expectations. The night before we left I did view her website, and was quite impressed. There were a total of 11 different excursions offered, and all could be personalized to the customers' preference. Being of a certain age, I was very relieved (pun intended) to read that bathroom facilities were accessible on several public islands. Ahh, all set!

It was a beautiful, warm and sunny afternoon, but the water was still a bit chilly on June 20th, so no one was interested in swimming that day. Cindy took us around the picturesque lake and pointed out some interesting sites. I am a fan of the movie "On Golden Pond" and it was intriguing to see where some of the scenes were filmed. Even more entertaining were the amusing stories Cindy told us about the making of the movie. It turns out that Katherine Hepburn maybe wasn't the experienced navigator she appeared to be in the film, but was actually assisted by underwater scuba divers in docking her antique boat so perfectly!  Other times there was an assistant crouching out of camera range driving the boat. Another interesting tidbit for me was that when the producers were scouting for a 2 story cabin to rent for the film, they couldn't find one that met their requirements, including a second story. Finally they offered the owners of a cabin to add on a second story to their dwelling. The owners agreed, with the caveat that if they weren't completely happy with the results, the film company would return the cabin to its original layout. Guess they must have been pretty satisfied in the end, because the second story remains on that cabin to this day.

On another note, we spotted some wildlife, including several pairs of loons, (as well as an empty floating nest raft) and herons and a bald eagle were seen soaring above us. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed this excursion of Squam Lake. Thank you very much Cindy, for a wonderful afternoon!

Sue Greenbaum, GSA

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