Blog: Hillsborough Balloon Festival

10 Jul 2016 2:15 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

On Saturday, July 9, the Granite State Ambassador’s volunteered at the Hillsborough Balloon Festival. Despite the uncooperative weather that made it impossible for the balloons to be inflated and launched, we had a great time. The event planners took good care of us with adequate shelter and supplies and being GSAs we had fun in intermittent rain. I even heard that there was a little singing involved.

In the morning there was a pancake breakfast in the food tent. The stage had constant entertainment with a Balloon Twister for the kids and live music throughout the afternoon and evening which caused a bit of spontaneous dancing in the parking lot tents. You never have your video camera handy when you need it.

Out on the grounds, there were GSAs in the concession ticket booths selling ride tickets. I tried it out for a while – the concession company made it really easy with pre-counted sheets of tickets, stools and even air-conditioning if needed. The carnival had all my favorite rides from my childhood, designed to make you as dizzy as possible. Part of me wished I could still tolerate that kind of gyration and keep my lunch firmly in place! They even had a a row of mid-way games where you could win prizes — I saw a lot of cute square shaped pig stuffed animals being carried around.

There were several long rows of vending booths with everything from face painting, to local businesses and all the food trucks you would expect at a carnival including a beer tent. It took everything I had to resist the fried funnel cake and fried Oreos, but I did succumb to the Fire Department’s cheeseburger and it was worth it.

One constant comment from our GSAs was about how friendly the people were attending and working at the festival. Even in the rain, most everyone was in a great mood which added to making volunteering at the Hillsborough Balloon Festival a fun experience all around.

Admission to the festival was free making the $10 per carload for parking a fantastic deal to entertain a family for the day. Next year, I plan to bring my entire family to play!

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