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13 Jul 2016 2:07 PM | Kelly Bryer (Administrator)

On July 12, a group of 20 GSA volunteers ventured to Tamworth village to experience and tour the Remick Country Doctor and Farm Museum, Tamworth Distillery & Mercantile, Barnstormer’s Theatre, Cook Memorial Library, Tamworth Lyceum and The Other Store. The great thing about all of these locations is that they are located in a quaint village setting and work together to compliment each other’s offerings.

We started at the Marion Remick Education Center for some coffee and a special homemade snack. Our host, Dawne Gilpatrick, the Remick’s Marketing Coordinator gave our group packets of information about the farm museum, some history of the two generations of country doctors and the resulting organization dedicated to preserving this piece of local history.

Our first stop was to the Maple Sugaring Shack, Fishing Pond and the Stables while we waited for the 11am tour of the Captain Enoch Remick House. The house was built in 1808 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. After being handed down through six generations of Remicks, it had its share of additions and style influences. There were artifacts and structural details from each era and our tour guide did a fantastic job bringing each room to life.

Captain Enoch Remick House

After our house tour, we headed across the fields to look at the farm animals and gardens before eating our RemickMade lunch. They prepared lunch sacks with delicious BLT sandwiches, which featured bacon and vegetables from the farm. Talk about a yummy sandwich!!

Next we walked into Tamworth village to poke through the Tamworth Lyceum, The Other Store and the Cook Memorial Library before our tasting appointment at the Tamworth Distillery and Mercantile. The village was interesting and the people were very friendly. On three different occasions I found GSA volunteers assisting guests to the village – always on duty!

At the Tamworth Distillery & Mercantile we were invited to a tasting of their spirits. As they went through their line of whiskeys, gin, brandy, vodka and liqueurs, we had the opportunity to sample any that sparked our interest. Our host Morgan Belluscio, the general manager, and her co-worker, really knew their stuff and gave us great insight into the entire process and how they source as many ingredients as possible from farms within a 150-mile radius. It was fascinating to listen to. From the tasting room, you can see their impressive custom-built 250-gallon copper still and their distillery. They even process their spent grains and use them to make cattle feed and Distillers Bread and crackers.

Our final stop was The Barnstormers Theatre, one of the longest-running professional summer theatres in the country. The company was founded in 1931 by Francis Cleveland, the youngest son of President Grover Cleveland, Francis’s wife Alice and their friend Ed Goodnow, all of whom were involved with theatre on Broadway. We were greeted by Diana Evans, the Barnstormers Marketing Specialist and long-time supporters Bill and

Anne Batchelder. Bill and Anne were enchanting telling of their times on the stage and behind the scenes. A few of our GSA volunteers made some personal connections to the Palace Theatre in Manchester.

The Barnstormers Theatre partners with several of the local businesses to encourage having dinner prior to a show. The options available are very enticing to really complete the night out! They also plan show times to complement other events and activities in the town.

Here are some additional comments from our GSAs:

I had never been to Tamworth and it is a lovely corner of the world and a great piece about medical history and how it evolved in this area. Tamworth has a beautiful setting and a wonderful place for families to visit as they can all enjoy the beautiful scenery and the children have plenty of room to play!
Jean McG

Tamworth is celebrating its 250th year as a town. The recent GSA tour of this village showed that they have a charming quality of rural NH community that makes this town a hidden gem. The library is an 1895 Queen Anne Victorian Building listed on the National Historic Register. There’s an amazing story told by all the actual belongings of 2 generations of country doctors, a father and his son, continuously practicing from 1894 to 1993 on their farm at The Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm Museum,  The Barnstormer Theatre, offering summer theatre since 1931, was started by President Grover Cleveland’s youngest son Francis.

When you call for tickets ask about “The Supper Club” The food and setting are sublime. The village╒s white steeple church has a bell tower that rings out the hour. The Tamworth Lyceum and Mercantile, offers coffee and more with rockers on the porch to sip it. It is next door to the Tamworth Distillery making award winning spirits. The general store named “The Other Store” has most of what you need, especially an ice cream at the counter and dinner served at 6 pm. We drove about 2 miles out to The Highland House Bed and Breakfast built in 1792 by a retired sea captain hailing from Salem, MA. It offers quiet and distinctive accommodations. The calm and authenticity of Tamworth makes us eager to return this scenic village.
Kate B

The Remick has a terrific history; as a retired RN, I really enjoyed seeing all of the former medical paraphernalia. The gals at the distillery took the time to explain the process involved, what infusions are, how the business began and works, and their plans for the future. Hearing from a former actress made the Barnstormer’s even more interesting. Now I know what a ghost light is! Love the title ‘The Other Store’ and the reason why!
Kathleen K

Take a day and spend it in Tamworth. You won’t be disappointed!

Everything is in walking distance and the town folks are really friendly!

The Barnstormers Theatre was most interesting for me since I learned that Palace people I had known were involved there: Bob Shea is artistic director, Mary Selvoski is costume person, George Piehl is in some shows there, and Margaret Cleveland is President of the Board of Directors- I attended her wedding her wedding at the summer home of her grandfather, Grover Cleveland in Tamworth many years ago.
Vivian V

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