GSA Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Granite State Ambassadors program is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the informational needs of guests and residents of the State of New Hampshire through in-depth training and active participation of our certified Ambassadors.

Our Core Values
We believe in volunteerism, participation, and cooperation.
We believe in training and demonstrating the essence of New Hampshire hospitality.
We believe that citizen responsibility and living landscape are the themes that define this essence.

Citizen Responsibility
A belief that individual citizens can and will take responsibility for our future.

Living Landscape
A strong attachment to the condition of the state, including both its natural resources and its built environments.

In short, we believe that New Hampshire will only be a good place to visit if it continues to be a good place to live. Visitors will come only if we work proactively to retain our scenic open spaces, rich historic and cultural attractions, livable communities, as well as the social structure that values the individuals and permits them regular opportunities to pitch in and make a difference.

Celebrating 20 years of inspiring enthusiastic, knowledgeable tourism information specialists throughout our beautiful State of New Hampshire.

THANK YOU to our founders: Peter Morgan, Judi Window and Bill Petersen

Award-Winning Organization

2015 - NH Travel Council “Tourism Person of the Year” Awarded by the NH Travel Council to Board Chair, Gretchen Ziegler

2012 – “Volunteer Champion Award” - For volunteerism at its best. Awarded by Volunteer NH

2012 – “2012 Top 20 Businesses in NH” - Awarded by New Hampshire Herald

2009 – “Profile Award” - In recognition of strength and character based on contributions to the state in preserving New Hampshire’s heritage, culture, resources, traditions, and history. Awarded by Old Man of the Mountain Legacy Fund

2007 – “Governor’s Commendation” - For 10 Years of Service to New Hampshire. Awarded by NH Resource & Economic Development Commissioner George Bald for Gov. John Lynch

2004 – “NH Business of the Year” - Tourism/Hospitality. Awarded by Business NH Magazine and the NH Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives

2004 – “Granite Pineapple Industry Leader” - Awarded to Bill Petersen, GSA President by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce for his tourism leadership in the city of Manchester

2003 – “Most Valuable Volunteer(s)” - National Award – Nominated by NH Lodging & Restaurant Association. Awarded by American Hotel & Lodging Association

2003 – “Yankee Barn Raiser” - Awarded to Bill Petersen, GSA President by Yankee Magazine for his service as president of GSA Inc. and to the state of New Hampshire

2000 – “Very Best Volunteers In NH” - Awarded by NH Magazine and voted for by the residents of New Hampshire

1997 – “Tourism Person of the Year” - Awarded to Judi Window, GSA Managing Director by the NH Travel Council for Development of the Granite State Ambassadors Program

Message from Our Executive Director

This year marks my 14th year with the organization in varying capacities, and I’ve loved every minute of it. This year New Hampshire Granite State Ambassadors celebrates it’s 20th year, and as I look through the old photos and boxes of files and mementos I can only get a glimpse of what came before my time here. The sheer determination, enthusiasm and knowledge from our founders that went into developing this powerhouse of a program is more than impressive.

From the beginning it has offered friendly, altruistic people an outlet to share what they love about New Hampshire with our guests to the state. It’s created a cultural movement that has inspired the rest of New Hampshire’s tourism industry to connect with each other, develop meaningful partnerships, provide knowledgeable answers to every question imaginable and to enthusiastically smile while gesturing with a full mitten towards the restroom.

With the guidance of our stellar Board of Directors, it is my goal to continue to build this organization in a way that ensures it can sustain a knowledgeable, dedicated volunteer core and increase our statewide partnerships, while continuing to provide the best experience for our guests and to spread our altruistic ideals about hospitality to future generations of New Hampshire residents.

Kelly Bryer, Executive Director
Museum of NH History Class of 2003

Message from Our Chair

Wow—it has been a busy and exciting year, or maybe 5 years! As we have transitioned from Judi to Alice to Kelly, it has been a challenging time for the Granite State Ambassadors, for the Board of Directors, the Staff, and the Ambassadors. I am very excited about our future with Kelly in charge, and from comments I am hearing from Ambassadors, Staff, and Board Members, I am not alone. Over the last 6 months, Kelly has moved strongly into the Executive role and is providing very effective leadership for the organization.

Our Staff has been working very hard to handle the transitions and new responsibilities as appropriate. Michelle has kept us on track fiscally, finding new opportunities for income and getting our word out. Naomi is working to make sure we all know our temporary responsibilities while she takes a bit of time to provide us with a new junior GSA. Matt keeps the Airport stocked and has helped us shift to a better storage shed. And Claire has been running fast to keep up with Kelly and learn all her new tasks. And where do we go now? We have launched a training program that builds on what we have been doing for our Partners at the Division of Travel and Tourism Development. A number of Chambers, state organizations, and private businesses have expressed an interest in having us train them “the GSA Way”.  We have further expanded our Board of Directors to help us with management, fund raising, and services to others.

We want to thank our major Partners, the Division of Travel and Tourism Development, and especially their new Director, Vicki Cimino, who continues the strong support for the Granite State Ambassadors, and the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport as they continue to expand their services and support our many activities.

As exciting as the last 5 years has been, I personally look forward to a quieter time as Board Chair as we move ahead with Kelly as our leader. It has been quite a ride!

Gretchen Ziegler, Chair of the Board of Directors
Stonewall Farm Class of 2004

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